Environmental Education Center

The City of Plano celebrates its new Environmental Education Center (EEC)
The building symbolizes Plano's commitment to environmental, social and economic stewardship.  From the wind turbine and solar array to the rainwater harvesting systems, the EEC's LEED-eligible sustainable design creates the perfect atmosphere for environmental learning.

The facility hosts diverse audiences for presentations on a variety of environmental topics.  Features contributing to the EEC as a special place for environmental learning include:

  • Solar and wind power generate 30 percent of the facility's electrical needs.
  • Harvested rainwater is used to irrigate landscaping and flush toilets. Dual flush toilets and a waterless urinal help conserve water. 
  • A pervious parking lot naturally filters pollutants from rainwater before they enter the nearby creek untreated.
  • Native, adapted and perennial plant species were used in the landscaping.
  • Sustainable and recycled building materials create a well-insulated space, which helps reduce energy costs.
  • Through passive solar design, the EEC is naturally heated, cooled and ventilated. (7/10)
Environmental Education Center & Gardens
4116 W. Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75093
P: (972) 769-4135

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