DFW Fares Well for Low Corporate Costs

The Dallas-Fort Worth area ranked in the middle of the pack in a study of the costs associated with operating a corporate headquarters in 50 U.S. cities. DFW ranked 24th on the list of the 50 cities surveyed.

The study examined the cost of operating a 325-employee, 70,000-square-foot national or regional corporate headquarters in various cities. The cost of operating such a headquarters in D-FW was $24.6 million a year, compared to $30.7 million for the highest-cost city of New York, and $21.1 million for the lowest-cost city of Sioux Falls, S.D., according to research by the Boyd Co. Inc., a Princeton, N.J.-based corporate relocation consultancy. The rankings factor in major geographical variable criteria in the site selection process, including labor costs, real estate, utilities, taxes and travel. (4/19/10)