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Many consider Dallas as the birth place of the video game industry with id Software, the creator of the Doom and Quake franchises. Today, the DFW area is one of the leading game development hubs in the US. Industry experts estimate the video and serious game development business in the DFW area to be a more than $500 million industry. Plano has several video game development studios, university programs, a motion capture studio, as well as ancillary companies in mobile phones, software, and information technology. 

The Guildhall, Southern Methodist University's (SMU) interactive media program offers a Master degree in interactive media while The University of Texas at Dallas and Collin College offer four- and two-year programs respectively.

Video game studio moving to Plano.

Robot Entertainment, an independent video-game development studio, selected Plano as their new home. Robot’s creative team developed the hit franchise Age of Empires™ that sold over 20 million units worldwide, and the soon-to-be released Halo Wars for Xbox 360™. Robot Entertainment was created by the founders of Ensemble Studios which was later bought by Microsoft. The company will have 45 employees.

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