Miyako Hotel to open first Texas location in Plano

Changes are underway for J.C. Penney’s old campus in Legacy Business District. As part of a full redevelopment plan, Miyako Hotel, a Japanese luxury hotel firm, will open its first Texas location in J.C. Penney’s old West Plano campus.

Already a hotspot in California and Japan, the Miyako Hotel will be comprised of 10 stories, with 250 rooms throughout. It will be built on the land surrounding the old J.C. Penney offices. Each room will be bedecked with Japanese-style furniture and fixtures. As of now, it is unknown what kind of amenities the Miyako Hotel will boast.

The new hotel comes as part of Sam Ware’s redevelopment project to turn the old J.C. Penney campus into a mixed-use development. The Miyako Hotel is slated to be located at State Highway 121 between the NTT Data Offices and Toyota Headquarters. It is slated to be designed by Dallas’ Merriman Anderson Architects.

In addition to the Miyako Hotel, Ware plans on adding 800 multifamily units in the original J.C. Penney campus.

Ware originally purchased the old J.C. Penney campus for $350 million in 2017, with plans to add multiple apartment complexes, offices and workspaces into the mixed-use development.

Construction began last year to turn the old J.C. Penney campus into a mixed-use development. With over 30,000 jobs in the area, the “play” and “live” aspects of a mixed-use development are essential. With many major companies headquartered in Plano, the need for hotel space for employees visiting on business is clear.

As of now, there is no projected opening date for the Miyako Hotel, nor is there a projected completion date for the redeveloped J.C. Penney campus.

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