Our Workforce


Plano's Strength is its Educated Workforce

A highly educated workforce with proximity to DFW's 4 million labor force. 

Home to several Fortune 1000 corporations, global companies and over 10,000 businesses, Plano is much more than a suburban community. Plano is an ideal place to raise a family. Excellent schools and affordable housing have lured many employees and their families to Plano. Soon after, their companies followed to be near employee talent.

As a result, Plano offers an abundance of high-paying jobs, great schools, and a low cost of living relative to the nation's coasts. Translation - you can live well here. All of these factors help explain why it was ranked #3 Best Place to Live in America by Money. Furthermore, its proximity to Dallas allows you to experience all of its rich amenities including sports, culture and recreation. Living in Plano provides you all the advantages of a big city without its hassles.

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