Corporate Relocations to Boost Plano

Plano economic development officials say the two recent corporate re-locations of Pizza Hut and Denbury Resources Inc. will boost the city's economic growth.  And these won't be the last headquarters to set up shop within city limits, officials said.  Encana Corp. plans to relocate to Plano in the next year after construction on the company's $88.1-million, 320,000-square-foot building is completed.

There's a significant economic benefit when the city houses corporate headquarters and their employees, said Sally Bane, executive director of the Plano Economic Development Inc.  Plano has brought $534 million in improvements — such as corporate headquarters — into the city since 2006, she said. During that time, Plano has awarded $18 million in economic incentives to recruit corporations, she said.

"Incentives are not the primary consideration in a decision," Bane said. "They are important, but not the No. 1 reason. The No. 1 reason companies come here is the superior operating environment."  Plano's highly-educated workforce, low operating expenses, and the business-friendly culture the city has cultivated over the past 25 years has supported corporate operations, Bane said. (3/2/11)