Telmar Expands Plano Operations

Telmar, a supplier of new and refurbished telecom equipment with nearly $300 million in annual revenue and more than 800 employees worldwide is expanding its Plano presence.

The company’s head count has grown from 60 to nearly 150 in the past six months. Employment growth has included a combination of new hires, consolidation of employees from other Texas facilities and a handful of employees who are moving from the company’s Irvine, Calif. location, though that facility will remain open.

The new jobs in Plano cover a variety of functions and salary ranges, such as people working in production, the company’s technical assistance center and sales. Company officials say they will hire in Plano and worldwide as the business grows.

Telmar expects to wrap up the local expansion in July when it finishes work on an additional 64,000 square feet of space on its Jupiter Road building in Plano, which will give it a total of 144,000 square feet. Telmar’s plans to modernize its existing facility and add the extra space will boost Plano’s tax base by $6.8 million, according to David Ellis, director of technology marketing and redevelopment for the Plano Economic Development.

Telmar is in line to receive tax abatements worth a total of $58,712 during the next eight years, based on $1 million in real property improvements and $2.1 million in business personal property improvements, according to Katherine Crumbley, administrative coordinator for the City of Plano. In addition, the company could receive a cash grant of up to $136,000 if it hits a target of retaining, creating or transferring 170 jobs by December 2010.

The company was lured to Plano by the large number of their customers that are based in the Dallas area including AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon, Nortel Networks and Plano’s Genband. Additionally, the company noted that the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex offers a rich pool for recruiting potential talent.  (6/5/09)  learn more